Almost live BBC Radio Leeds blog

I’m about to go live on BBC Radio Leeds! I’ve got a coffee and a few notes beside me and Sykpe is open on the computer. We’re going to talk about rubbish. As I listen to the program over Skype the brave presenter, Richard Stead, is rummaging through a bag of rubbish brought from an area in Halifax where a video of a backstreet over-run by rubbish has gone viral. He’s finding all sorts of things, from bits of dolls to gone off milk cartons.

Two guys from the Scrap Store in Farsley are now talking about re-use of rubbish and scrap to make creative resources for Schools and the public. They are talking about how they turn rubbish and leftover items into usable resources, and I’m thinking this is a great idea! Items are donated by industry and the organisation repurposes them into saleable products.

Now it’s my turn. Richard asks me about what we do, how many people are involved, and how involved we are with other litter picking groups. It goes reasonably well, I mumble and Errrrm a bit but manage to mention gel packets and Sheffield, though I don’t quite get a plug for Pick the Path in there! Richard is impressed that we end up in the pub.

And that’s it, done! In theory we’ve reached another few hundred thousand people and hopefully given a decent account of ourselves. If one of these people are inspired to pick something up, or even better to think twice about dropping it, it was well worth it!

The original video that started the piece

Thanks for having my BBC Leeds, Rob behind the scenes and Richard Stead on air.

If you want to listen again, I was on the Richard Stead show on BBC Radio Leeds, 11/04/18, just after 8:05am. Once the program has finished (9am), I think this link might work…


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