UK Plastics Pact

As you might’ve heard on the news this morning, 42 major companies (for some reason the BBC insist on describing the number as “more than 40″… but that’s one for another day) have signed up to the WRAP UK Plastics Pact.

This is a set of four (or perhaps “between 3 and 5”) targets, which these organisations have committed to meeting by 2025:



This is great! There are some big names on there, including Coca Cola and Nestle. There are also some notable exceptions, I’d personally love to see Red Bull on this list, but it’s a start.

From our point of view, it’s great to see AB Sports Nutrition, who you will know best for making High 5 energy products, and a really important one that I nearly missed – Lucozade Ribena Suntory. Lucozade bottles are by far the most common thing we pick up, so good work Lucozade for signing up to this.


What do we think of the targets?

These targets are great. 2025 is 7 years away and these companies are all more than capable of changing much more quickly, but the aim is commendable. If all companies signed up to this target there would be no new non-reusable / recyclable / compostable plastic produced after 2025. Wouldn’t that be great?

The key one for me is the third target – to eliminate “problematic or unnecessary” single-use packaging items. This is also the most vague: Problematic and unnecessary are not defined, so are open to interpretation, but reducing single use plastics is surely the key to cracking this problem.

On that note, I yesterday visited the new zero-waste shop at The University of Sheffield Student’s Union. Arranged by Sustainability Officer Megan McGrath and her Sustainable Revolution campaign, the shop is open to anyone and sells a range of environmentally-friendly and plastic free products. It’s a great initiative – well done Megan and the Union!


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