Loads of news!

Greetings friends!

This is one of those posts with loads of news in it, including probably the most exciting news of all – Pick the Path 2! But first, some other bits…


On Tuesday night we joined our good friends at Accelerate Trail Runners for a night out on the lovely trails around the Bradfield area. RAR were invited along by Accelerate, and we had a great time. We took along Roger (the rubbish man), and our latest promotional tool, the robot bin. We gave out sweets, stickers, badges, and rubbish bags, and we were rewarded with a good haul of rubbish brought back by all three groups. By popular vote David Harrison was awarded the “most dedicated litter-picker” award, and won an RAR T-shirt. Unfortunately I have neither a photo of the worthy winner, or anyone who took part, only one of me and the bin! Sorry about that.


It was a great night, well done everyone and thanks ATR for having us… we look forward to doing more with you in future!

Ultrarunning World magazine:

If you’re not already familiar with it, there’s a great magazine called Ultrarunning World. It’s published online by a lovely dude called Abichal, who recently got in touch and offered to feature us in the magazine. We love a bit of publicity for our cause, so of course we said yes! Abichal published a great piece about Pick the Path, which you can find in issue 14 of the magazine here. It’s on the last few pages, but I’d suggest you read the whole thing and subscribe ‘cos it’s great!

Our 2nd Birthday:

On 6th November, RAR will be two! It’s gone very quickly and there’s still loads I want to achieve, but it will be nice to have a little celebration with some of the people who have got involved in the charity over the last couple of years. So, with that in mind…

Pick the Path 2:

As I said at the beginning, we’re back for Pick the Path 2! This time we’re taking on the Cotwsold Way in a new shorter one-day format.


The date is Saturday 3rd November, and we’re looking for teams of runners and drivers to claim a 10 mile section of the 102 mile path. You can then decide how to tackle it, but the crux of the new format is that your runners will be picked up at the end by a new driver, and that you will pick up the previous runners. This means everyone can head to the central finish point and celebrate! I’ve written up a full explanation of the plan and even a little video on the website, so have a look and please get in touch if you’re interested or have any questions!

Social Media:

Finally, if you don’t already follow us on all the social medias, you can find us on Twitter @RunnersVRubbish, and on Facebook at facebook.com/RunnersAgainstRubbish1


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