Postponement of Pick the Path 2

Sadly, we’re going to have to postpone our planned assault on the rubbish of the Cotswold Way. This was planned for the coming weekend (Saturday 3rd), but sadly we picked a bad date and lots of our friends are unable to join us.

However, let’s be very clear about this… We’re postponing and not cancelling… We’ll be back (see what I did with the picture there?)! In fact, with a bit more time to plan, we’ll be back with an even better plan. We’ll be in touch with members again soon to find out which dates best suit you. We’ll also open the event up to local running clubs and teams again, and I’m confident we’ll have another great event.

This leaves us with a problem… what to do for our birthday?! We’ll obviously go out and pick up some rubbish to celebrate, but we’ve also got a little stack of prizes building up, which it would be nice to give away. Seems like a good time to bring #BeABinner back if you ask us!

Oh, and then there’s the whole Pick YOUR Path thing coming soon too… which is possibly even more exciting! Look out for that one to help with your New Year’s resolution.


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