A belated birthday and superstar binners

Sometime in the last few weeks, Runners against Rubbish turned two! The exact date depends on whether you classify the birth of a charity as the first day, the first bit of rubbish collected, or something else.


Anyway, we forgot. But to celebrate and make up for this, we relaunched the #BeABinner competition last week. As you no doubt remember, the idea is simple: Collect rubbish, take a photo, and tweet it to us!

BAB explanation image

In the past we’ve picked a random winner, but this time we decided to pick the best. Loads of people picked up rubbish and we’re really grateful to you all for taking the time to enter – as well as our regular friends it was great to see plenty of new people getting involved and we hope you stay on board!

So, the winners… After much deliberation, we decided to award three prizes (though really we could’ve given everyone a prize!).

First, for dedication and continued amazing work in the Lake District, Lindsay and Jim won a drybag from Silva. Thanks to them for supporting the charity, and in particular our Pick the Path events (more on these soon!)


Next, for picking up one of our pet hates and one of the most potentially dangerous forms of rubbish for wildlife, Chris wins another drybag!


And finally, the main prize this time round goes to Nicola! Nicola submitted this photo of plastic can rings, but her and her daughter have also picked up loads more rubbish since. They are truly dedicated and deserve the fantastic Raidlight XP4 running pack!


Thanks again everyone who took part (humans and animals) – there will be more #BeABinner action very soon!


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