The AMAZING ATR Calendar

Those of you who are, like us, based in the fine city of Sheffield will probably be familiar with Accelerate. Accelerate is a running shop, but more importantly it’s the basis of a community of runners and running groups. Among these groups is Accelerate Trail Runners (ATR to its friends). Based at Bradfield Cricket Club, ATR is a social running group where all abilities are catered for – qualified coaches lead groups on short runs around the reservoirs, longer runs up onto the hills and crags, faster runs and even a coached session for those of a more masochistic persuasion.


ATR have been great to Runners against Rubbish over the last few years… They’ve hosted talks, witnessed the first outing of Roger the remote control bin, and most recently decided to support us by making a calendar. As it’s now apparently 2019, these calendars are proudly hanging on walls across the South Yorkshire region (including more than one on my own walls!). We had very little to do with this, ATR took on all the organisation and design of the calendar, and a very kind member was able to help out with the printing. This means costs were kept to a minimum and the profits were generously donated to us! We’re incredibly grateful to the mastermind behind the calendar, Laura Hogg, to Debbie for being in charge of sales and marketing, and to James Tissington for sorting out the printing.

As a result of the efforts of these lovely people, RAR now has a few quid to spend. We have a couple of ideas… One is to pay for some marketing to help spread the word and make sure as many people as possible know about us in 2019, or as an alternative, we could invest in some litterpickers and maybe some hi-vis gear to use or lend to those wishing to organise static litterpicks. If you have a preference, or an idea on how we could spend the cash, let us know!

Finally, if you missed out, I believe there are still one or two calendars available… Get over to the ATR Facebook page and get in touch with Debbie – but be quick!


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