a MASSIVE weekend…

22nd – 24th March has been on our radar for a long time, and it’s finally (almost) here!

This weekend sees the biggest weekend of the Sheffield Festival of the Outdoors. The festival is a month-long celebration of Sheffield’s connection to the outdoors, and all the wonderful things going on, and this weekend it peaks with events like the Big Running Weekend, Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, and the Magnificent 7 race.

It’s going to be a busy weekend for Runners against Rubbish and we can’t wait! We hope to see lots of you at all the events across the weekend, so please do come and say hello. Here’s a quick summary of what we’re up to…


7am – Plogging in the Rivelin Valley (part of BIG Running Weekend).
Meet at the Rivelin Valley Cafe for a 6km run along the valley with a bit of litterpicking along the way. We’ll provide pickers, gloves and bags, and you’ll be back at the cafe by 8. No need to register, but drop us an email or message if you’re not familiar with the area and we’ll make sure you get to the right place!

10:15 – Plogging with the Running Past Fifty Group.
Sarah and Stu H will be leading a second plogging run around the Olympic Legacy Park, a fantastic facility normally used by the Accelerate Your Speed group. Meet at Accelerate (629 Attercliffe Road) at 10:15am and Stu and Sarah will take you on a plogging loop from the shop, around the Legacy Park and back again. This one is around 5km and will take about an hour – oh yes you can expect the usual running-shenanigans from the session.

5pm – Plogging in Ecclesall Woods.
Again part of the BIG Runing Weekend, we’ll be starting from the Woodland Discovery Centre in Ecclesall Woods. We’ll use the last of the light, leaving at 5pm for a loop of about 6km through the woods, picking up anything we find along the way and returning to the Discovery Centre in plenty of time for the first of the weekend talks.


Our stand will be up all day at the ShAFF Outpost. We will be occasionally nipping out to take part in BIG Running Weekend (Stuart is leading the Black Run route on Saturday at 10am), but you can find information about what we do at the Outpost all day.

7:30pm – Leave Nothing But Footprints… (BIG Running Weekend)

Discovery Centre Sycamore Suite: A series of mini talks. Stu is one of the guest speakers
exploring the impact we have as runners on the environment. Come along and hear Rob Cole ‘Showing and Telling’ as he explores the impact washing our running kit has on the seas and rivers of the World, Stu from RAR on ‘Rubbish: Why we should care and what we can do‘, and Alex Hinchcliffe considering the impact of the food we eat.

We’re each talking for just 15 minutes, followed by a film and presentation from Chloe Lanthier of Patagonia. Chloe has a mega-impressive running CV and will be talking about ‘Why running and for her the different dimensions it brings to her life‘. Read all about it here.

Then, after a quick charge across the city back to ShAFF…

9:15pm – Run for your Life (ShAFF)

Stu will be compering this screening, which as well as five great running films includes three amazing speakers (and Stu). Come and watch films about how running can change the world, and hear from Marcus Scotney, Tom Mutton and Fiona Oakes about their experiences.

It promises to be an inspiring evening. All the details.


Our stand in the ShAFF Outpost will again be up all day on Sunday and we’d love to see you there. If you’re over at the running weekend, you can catch Stu talking about Running with Poles (long pointy objects rather than people from Poland) at 11:30

2:45pm – Reclaim the Streets

Back to ShAFF, this time plogging for all the family.
We will meet in the Showroom ready to set off at 2:45 – and head out for a short run to the Porter Brook Pocket Park. Along the way we will pick up rubbish we find. Roger the remote-control wheelie bin will be there to collect all our rubbish, and once we’ve finished tidying up we will celebrate with a bit of a running skills session. We’ll be hopping, skipping and jumping to hone our balance and strength. Once the park is looking spotless and we’re all as springy as mountain goats we will head back to the Showroom. If there’s time we will visit the Cholera monument on the return journey.

For all the info, see here.

Phew! In between the events we’ll be at our ShAFF Outpost stand as much as possible, and would be genuinely delighted to see you, so please head over and say hello if you’re around!

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