Fairholmes and Wadsley

It’s a while since we’ve updated this blog, but we’ve been busy! Last weekend we kicked off the first (of what will be fairly regular visits over the next few months) to the Derwent valley. The reason is the impending arrival of prestige and excitement… The 2019 Fell Relays! Hosted by Dark Peak Fell Runners, the event will see hundreds (thousands?!) of athletes descend on the Derwent valley in October for a fantastic weekend of racing.

Derwent is our back yard, and Dark Peak our home club, so Runners against Rubbish are delighted to be involved. We want to show off the Peak at its best, and make sure our impact on the environment and local residents is a positive one, so we’re going to do our best to keep the area spotless before, during and after the event.

Dam I love a good litterpick

Our first pick took us around the car park, along the main trails to the dam and up around the towers. There was some rubbish (mostly cigarette butts and tissues) but the car park was by far the worst area. Next time I’ll be heading off around the higher reservoirs.

But first, to bring us up to date, last night I returned to Wadsley to see my mates at 150th Wadsley Church Cub pack. They are a fantastic group with great leaders and it was a pleasure to help them clear up around the churchyard. Roger the remote control bin was in attendance and was soon overflowing thanks to the efforts of the cubs. He wasn’t driving yesterday but one girl towed him round all night!

Roger on tour

After we’d picked up everything we could find and had an explore around the churchyard (there are some really interesting stones) I talked for a few minutes about the charity, but I was preaching to the converted – these kids are the enlightened ones who will look after the planet and keep the adults under control. It’s great to see.

This is the future!

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