Here they come… The Cheerful ones…

There’s a lot of negativity around at the moment. Yes, there are bad and frustrating things happening, of course, but recently social media seems to have turned a bit negative. We’ve not had any direct nastiness, but the negative environment has led me to use our Twitter account less than usual, and Facebook even less. This is a shame as I’ve missed some of the great people doing lovely things.

But that’s going to change. We’ve had a Twitter purge, and those with nothing good to say are gone. Some of the accounts we’re not following any more are very clever people saying absolutely truthful things, but we need more joy. We are not a political charity, we are not a lobby group, we are a simple little group trying to get rid of some rubbish. There’s no reason not to smile.

Be happy, like Tom with a barbeque in a cave!

So from now on, we’ll be back on Twitter (and I’ll try to use Facebook a bit more I promise!), celebrating those that are doing good things – picking up rubbish, encouraging people not to drop it, and being nice to each other. Not ignoring bigger darker issues, but not letting them overwhelm us or stopping us doing our bit. From tiny acorns and all that…

So to celebrate, here are a few of our current favourite joyful Twitter accounts. If you have other suggestions please let us know!

Be encouraging, like Jo on a paddleboard in a canal.

Jo Moseley (@HealthyHappy50)
It’s hard to know where Jo is going to be, but there will always be a massive smile on her face! Often on a paddleboard. Been on telly and everything.

2 Minute Beach Clean (@2minbeachclean)
A great account (and #) to follow to see loads of positive people doing their bit to help clean up beaches. Add your photos when you do a beach clean (or 2 minute litter pick!) too and be part of the positivity.

Rubbish Ruth’s Rambles (@ruthmajor44)
Worth it for the picture alone. Ruth picks up rubbish around Manchester, Oldham, and the rest of the world, and has an amazing ability to rope in random people. An avid supporter of the #1PieceOfRubbish campaign.

Lindsay (@lindsayandjim)
We’ve told you about Lindsay before. She’s the Queen of Cumbria, the Saviour of Scafell, and the Lake District is lucky to have her! Always worth a follow.

That’s all for now, see you out there! Be nice, say Hi, and pick up rubbish.


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