First National Weekend of Action is a success!

What a great weekend! It has been amazing to see so many people across the country get out and make a difference. From down here in Cornwall it’s great to think of Lindsay in the Lakes, the guys up in the Cairngorms or even further north near at Dounreay, or equally to think of Clare running around the woods near Paris (and of course all of you in between!).

The point of us doing it on the same weekend was to get us noticed, and it seems to have worked. We have lots of new social media followers who are now getting out and picking up rubbish themselves. Coverage of the weekend will hopefully appear in a few newspapers and podcasts too which should get even more involved.

One of the best outcomes was today, when I heard the Goyt Valley Striders running club have now decided to include litterpicking as part of their club championships. This is a great move and we hope other clubs may follow them.

Of course in an ideal world we wouldn’t need to do this at all, and the real thing we need to change is to stop people dropping rubbish. But, every person who didn’t pick up litter yesterday but does today is another person advertising the fact that litter isn’t acceptable. This does have an effect – people see cleaner trails and they see people picking up rubbish, and they think twice about dropping it.

So thanks again for taking part, keep going, and keep getting out and enjoying the trails!


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