Let’s make plans for 2022!

Sorry – we’ve been quiet for a while. But we’ve got plans.

This has been partly for obvious reasons due to the pandemic, but also as I personally moved from Sheffield to Cornwall last year. Of course RAR is still working, but naturally we’re not yet as involved with other groups down here as was the case in Sheffield. So, in order to make sure that we become more effective again in 2022 we’re suggesting that RAR moves to a slightly different structure.

We want to become what we’re calling an “open organisation”, where anyone who wants to can talk, act, or run an event as Runners Against Rubbish. Of course loads of you already do great stuff as part of running clubs, local organisations or individuals. By joining together like this we can help us all better spread the message that littering is not acceptable and the damage it can cause. We want to help these events get more coverage and reach a wider audience, either to take part or just to shout about the stuff we’re doing and persuade others to join in.

So please consider joining us on this. For a couple of years RAR felt like it really made a difference, but I’m disappointed in what I’ve done over the last year, and I’d like to make sure that 2022 is our best year yet! So let’s try to…

1 – Run small local events
If you’re a running club, why not do a Runners Against Rubbish litter pick in the local area? We know how to do these and we’ll be restarting local events too, but we can also help you with promotion, logistics, kit, etc. Just get in touch. We might be able to help with costs too. Get in touch with us at runnersagainstrubbish@gmail.com

2 – We’ll keep organising big events
Like our Pick the Path event a few years ago, we want to keep doing big events. Now restrictions allow, we will get started planning big events for summer 2022.

3 – Stay in touch and we’ll help spread the word
Even if you don’t want to do an event as Runners Against Rubbish, please stay in touch and let us know what’s happening – we are all working towards the same thing so please let us help you! We’re most active on Twitter (@RunnersVRubbish) but we’ll try to keep the Facebook up to date too (www.facebook.com/RunnersagainstRubbish1/)

4 – We’ll keep working with other organisations
We’ll keep talking to companies who manufacture stuff, organisations like WRAP, other charities like Trash Free Trails and Surfers against Sewage. We’ll keep lobbying local and national government where necessary too.

5 – Have ideas!
This is where you can really help. We can do much more than litterpicking and twittering about it – let us know your ideas and we can work together to make them as big and successful as possible.


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