Onwards and upwards

Dear members,

As you will have noticed, RAR has sadly been quite inactive recently. It’s a long time since I organised an event, and a while since I even managed a Tweet or a Facebook post. Sorry – I could make excuses but they are not important or interesting!

However, much more positively, other organisations with the same goals as us have grown and are now making a real difference. Trash Free Trails in particular now have huge impact, and are doing what we started RAR to do but much bigger and better.

I think RAR served its purpose as a little group to build some momentum, which has now been taken on by these other groups. Of course, it’s nothing without you amazing people. I have absolutely no doubt that you are all as passionate and fantastic as you always were!

I think the right thing to do now is call it a day for this page and the Twitter account (unless anyone really wants to take them over – in which case let me know). I’ll still be a proud Runner against Rubbish but I’m going to get on board with some Trash Free Trails events. Onwards and upwards!

Thank you all so much for joining and being involved. I hope you will all continue to be Runners against Rubbish… Binners will always be winners!

Finally a massive thank you to all the organisations and companies who have helped and supported us – Accelerate, Beta Run, inov-8 All Terrain Running, Ski Club GB, Ledlenser, Dogtag, Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, Dark Peak Fell Runners and many others!

Any thoughts let me know.


PS. I do have a few car stickers left so if anyone needs another just drop me a line.


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